Protective Gear and First-Aid for Ukraine's Defenders

Delivery of protective gear, tactical first-aid, and other non-lethal equipment for Ukraine's defenders.

Protective Gear and First-Aid for Ukraine's Defenders

Every day, Ukraine’s dedicated defenders and first responders risk their lives to safeguard civilians and secure a swift victory for Ukraine. We view it as our responsibility to stand in solidarity with those protecting Ukraine and fighting for its sovereignty. Thanks to the steadfast support from our donors and advocates, we have successfully supplied Ukrainian defenders with essential non-lethal equipment, including:

  • 1533 tourniquets
  • 120 sets of thermal clothing
  • 246 armor vests and safety helmets
  • 54 electronic equipment pieces
  • 21 thermal night vision devices

Through the unwavering commitment of our supporters, in 2022, we have allocated $180,000 to bolster over 20 different battalions and military bases across Ukraine. This funding was instrumental in providing tactical, non-lethal protective equipment and supplies, further reinforcing the resilience of Ukraine’s forces on the frontlines.

Photo credits: Dan Galvani Sommavilla