Support defenders on the frontline

Support defenders on the frontline

Providing non-lethal military aid to the civilian territorial defense force in Ukraine.

These defenders are being shot at, often without proper protection or equipment.

We have been providing supplies such as: bullet proof vests, radios, tactical medical supplies, helmets, etc.

Image credit: Ukrainian Territorial Defence Wikimedia

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Project updates

2022 report on non-lethal military aid to Ukraine

December 31, 2022

Our 2022 annual report on non-lethal military aid provided to Ukrainian soldiers.

Safety supplies delivered to Ukraine

April 29, 2022

Report on safety supplies and equipment sent to Ukrainian fighters.

Tourniquets shipped to Ukraine

April 12, 2022

Life saving supplies urgently requested by Ukrainian defenders

Learn about our recent efforts

April 4, 2022

A brief report on the recent actions taken by Maple Hope Foundation from co-founder Svitlana Kominko.