Updates March 1, 2024

2022 Report on Non-Lethal Aid for Ukrainian Soldiers

Our 2022 annual report on non-lethal military aid provided to Ukrainian soldiers.

2022 Report on Non-Lethal Aid for Ukrainian Soldiers

In 2022, thanks to our donors and supporters, we were able to achieve so much in purchasing and sending NON-LETHAL MILITARY aid to the front line in Ukraine:

  • 1533 tourniquets;
  • 246 armor vests and safety helmets;
  • 120 thermal clothing;
  • 54 electronic equipment pieces;
  • 21 thermal night vision;
  • 12 military-grade drones;
  • 2 vehicles.

We also purchased 23 non-flammable flight suites for Ukrainian pilots, 10 flight jackets, and 15 clothes for tank crew members.

Moreover, with the help of our on-the-ground partners and volunteers in Ukraine, we purchased, shipped, and delivered over 2 000 cans of meat to the front.

Behind these infographic numbers – is the coordinated, collaborative work of our volunteers, the incredible endurance of the people who helped us deliver everything to Ukraine, and the boundless generosity of our donors.

Our gratitude to all caring people, who help us, knows no bounds!

You are welcome to listen to the speech of our CEO, Svitlana Kominko, about last year’s achievements.