Updates June 17, 2024

Gala Dinner "United for Ukraine": A Resounding Success

We are thrilled to share the outstanding results of the "United for Ukraine" Gala Dinner, which brought together an incredible community of donors, sponsors, and volunteers.

We wanted to update you on our recent Gala Dinner “United for Ukraine”.

Thanks to all of you who donated, we raised a whopping $83,975 which is impressive! After covering all event expenses, we were thrilled to discover that we had raised an impressive $51,537 for our major aid projects. It includes: sending medical supplies to Ukrainian hospitals, providing equipment to Ukraine’s defenders on the frontline, and supporting children and families in Ukraine through “Project Liza.”

The live auction raised $13,553, and the silent auction - $11,757! That’s incredible, and it shows how powerful it can be when we all come together for a good cause.

We also want to thank our sponsors, volunteers, and partners (listed below) who helped make this event successful. We couldn’t have done it without you! It was a truly wonderful event, filled with the warmest Ukrainian hospitality and extraordinary support for Ukraine.

You are welcome to watch the full movie about Gala Dinner on our YouTube. Even though the event has passed, the memories of it still warm our hearts.

Volunteering team

Chris MacPherson - Ideologist, Advisor, Fundraising

Kyrylo Chasovskyi - Ideologist, Organisational Support

Katia Luchyshyna - Program & Artists Director

Olia Ruparelia - Event Planner & Project Manager

Gajdejchuk Mykhaylo - Catering Coordinator at The Vancouver Club, Singer

Svitlana Kominko - Maple Hope Foundation co-founder & CEO

Tetyana Koast - Maple Hope Foundation co-founder, Finance & Operations Director

Ольга Семиляк - Maple Hope Foundation Social Media Manager

Anastasiya Naboka - Marketing Lead, Designer Show Model

Hanna Khondak - Social Media Management, Backstage Manager

Lobanova Anastasiia - Promotion, Silent Auction, Guest Services, Designer Show Model

Chloe Kerr - Copywriting

Olga Goncharko - Social Media Copywriting

Olena Krevenets - Graphic Designer, Artistic Venue Decor (table centrepieces & photo zone)

Dasha Samarets - Florist, Venue Decor (table centrepieces & photo zone)

Andrij Denysov - Graphic Designer

Nicole James - Fundraising, Organisational Support

Sam Kim - Fundraising

Irene Nastenko - Silent Auction Supervision

Ana Orlova Kliri - Auction Lots Product Photographer

Anna Shubina - Program’s Video Content Creator

Dmitro Kraizlyah - Lyrics Translator, Organisational Support

Ivanka Diachuk - Videographer

Glib Albovsky - Cameraman

Daniel Smychenko - Backstage videographer

Evgenia Riashchenko - Photographer

Kate Voloshyna - Photographer

Iryna Khuharchuk - Guest Services & F&B Service Volunteers Supervision

Tanya Demchenko - Designer Show, Models & MUAH Supervision

Alina Asgari - Costumer, Designer Show Model

Olga Vakulenko - Costumer Assistant, Green room F&B

Elena Bondareva - Host, Fundraising

Alex Kostyuk - Host, Live Auction Host

Abegail Avram - Singer

Elena Nikitina - Singer

Denis Pak - Singer

Iaroslava Tanko - Singer

Yury Luchyshyn - Singer, Program’s Video Content Creator

Mykhaylo Gaydeychuk - Singer, Catering Coordinator at The Vancouver Club

Liza Yaremenko - Dancer, Guest Services, Designer Show Model

Leonid Melnychenko - Dancer, Guest Services, Designer Show Model

Pavel Rhyzlovsky - Piano

Leonard Chokroun - Violin

Olena Bizeroglu - Choreographer

Tetyana Znak - Fashion Show Designer

Alina Shevtsova - Designer Show Model, Guest Services

Veronika Klepach - Designer Show Model, Guest Services

Renata Luchyshyna - Designer Show Model, Guest Services

Sofi Manko - Designer Show Model, Guest Services

Oksana Kuznietsova - Designer Show Model, Guest Services

Kateryna Vakulenko - Designer Show Model

Snizhana Chasovska - Designer Show Model

Layla Bizeroglu - Designer Show Model

Alona Mosko - Designer Show Model

Kate Andison - Designer Show Model, Makeup Artist

Snezhana Chasovsky - Designer Show Model

Svetlana Tsushko - Models Photographer

Anastassia Abakumova - MUAH

Iryna Golovchenko - MUAH

Julia Savchenko - MUAH

Sofia Vea - MUAH

Olga Khomenko - Hair Stylist

Julia Zhezhera - Hair Stylist

Dmytro Vasylkiv - Lighting Technician

Dmytro Umlev - Lighting Technician

Valery Vakulenko - Lighting Technician

Andrey Kroopnick - Sound Technician

Evelina Khanenko - Guests F&B Service

Tetiana Bezhenar - Guests F&B Service

Yevheniia Bushuieva - Guests F&B Service

Xavier Valverde - Guests F&B Service

Vsevolod Rylieiev -Guests F&B Service

Evgenii Palatai - Guests F&B Service

Yuliya Shokalyuk - Maple Hope Foundation Merchandise and Sweet Table Sales

Oksana Dudareva-Lepore - Maple Hope Foundation Merchandise and Sweet Table Sales

Ernesto Lepore - Maple Hope Foundation Merchandise and Sweet Table Sales

Olena Bondarenko - InterVolunteer Merchandise Sale

Andrii Bondarenko - InterVolunteer Merchandise Sale

Anastasia Morozova - InterVolunteer Merchandise Sale


The Vancouver Club

Maple Hope Foundation

Chi Spa by Shangri-La Vancouver

Innovative Fitness West Vancouver

Clarksav - Clark’s Audio Visual Services

Ukrainian Fashion Designer Tanya Znak

Olena Krevenets Art Design

Vancouver Pet Photography

Transformers Academy

Jenia Ria Photography

The Printing House

Anastasiia Muzyka

Kozak Food Group




Daria Samarets Florals & Design

The World of Kidtropolis

Sofiya Kominko

Svitlana Kominko

John Lowry

Marie Salton

Alma Soleada

Olha Goncharko

Irene Nastenko

Janelle Knihnitski

Larysa Bogatyrova

Jessica Smart-Abbey

Marie (Kitsul) Harder

Ukrainian Community Society Of Ivan Franko

Maple Hope Foundation Board:

Iaroslav Pokhilko, Svitlana Kominko, Tetyana Kost, Yuliya Yushchenko, Iryna Borzilova, Kristina Lebed, Olivia Chorny, Yuliya Shokalyuk