Updates March 25, 2024

Delivering Another 50 MOVES® SLC™ Medical Systems to Ukraine

Maple Hope Foundation Delivers Another 50 MOVES® SLC™ Life-Support Systems to Aid in Transporting and Saving Lives of Critically Injured Ukrainians

Delivering Another 50 MOVES® SLC™ Medical Systems to Ukraine

KYIV, UKRAINE,  March 25, 2023 – Maple Hope Foundation, a registered Canadian non-profit organization, today announced they have completed the delivery of yet another 50 Thornhill Medical life-support systems, MOVES® SLC™, for immediate use to help transport and save the lives of critically injured Ukrainians. 

The medical equipment was donated to Maple Hope Foundation by the Government of Canada. As part of Maple Hope Foundation’s delivery of the equipment to Ukraine, Thornhill Medical is contributing three days of expert training to the system users like critical care physicians and anesthesiologists. 

Medical experts at Maple Hope Foundation and in Ukraine have expressed their gratitude for this new donation of the proven technology, emphasizing its dire need and continued requests for the equipment from the ground. In 2023, Maple Hope Foundation delivered 30 such units to Ukraine. 

“Maple Hope Foundation is proud to be able to deliver innovative Canadian technology and expert training to medics and first responders in Ukraine for a second time. The training provided by experts at Thornhill Medical ensures that we are building long-term capacity for professional use of the equipment to save lives. We’ve received many requests for additional systems and have been able to fulfill them.”

-Iaroslav Pokhillko, President and Co-Founder Maple Hope Foundation  

“Thornhill Medical is pleased to continue its partnership with Maple Hope Foundation to provide extensive and hands-on training of its MOVES SLC life support system to Ukraine’s front-line military and civilian medical responders as they treat life-threatening injuries.” 

-Lesley Gouldie, President and CEO, Thornhill Medical


MOVES® SLC™ is specifically designed for extreme circumstances, including the battlefield, challenging trauma care environments and medical evacuations and transport. 

MOVES® SLC™ is the world’s only micro-integrated life support system that combines an oxygen (O2) concentrator, a unique O2-conserving ventilator, suction, and complete vital signs monitoring in a single compact, rugged, portable, battery-operated system, which operates without O2 cylinders. It extends the capacity for casualty and patient care in challenging environments. 

About Maple Hope Foundation: Maple Hope Foundation is a registered Canadian non-profit organization providing humanitarian relief to Ukraine since 2014. The organization focuses on three priority areas of work: provision of medical and humanitarian assistance, settlement assistance for displaced Ukrainians, and advocacy through the arts and culture. Since Russia’s invasion in 2022, Maple Hope Foundation has provided $21.2 million worth of humanitarian and medical aid.

About Thornhill Medical:
Thornhill Medical’s ground-breaking products are designed to be used globally by emergency health care providers, humanitarian and military medical teams. Thornhill’s oxygen-focused research and applications are transforming patient care in extreme circumstances, while inspiring and enabling other new technologies to unlock vital life-saving solutions. Thornhill Medical’s innovations are in 19+ countries including in Ukraine. With a team committed to courage, collaboration and saving lives, Thornhill Medical leads the way in the nimble and precision-focused field of medical technologies.