Updates May 21, 2023

COBS Bread in Burnaby Fundraising for Maple Hope Foundation

Baking not only provides sustenance, but also celebrates and preserves cultural traditions, and can raise funds for Ukraine.

Baking plays a significant role in Ukrainian culture, with traditional Ukrainian cuisine featuring many delicious baked goods. Wheat and rye bread are staples in Ukrainian households, with variations such as Paska (Easter bread), Babka (sweet bread), and Korovai (wedding bread) prepared for special occasions. 

Baking is not only a way to provide sustenance in Ukrainian culture, but also a means of celebrating and preserving cultural traditions, as well as raising funds for Ukraine in this particular instance.

A big thank you to COBS Lougheed Shopping Centre for their fundraising initiative! In just one month, their staff raised $1,419 for Maple Hope Foundation. This incredible community support is invaluable and reminds us of the powerful impact we can have when we work together.

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