Updates October 30, 2023

A Back to School Campaign for Ukrainian Students

School supplies donated for families of volunteer soldiers in Ukraine.

Many families of Ukrainian volunteer soldiers are in great need of basic goods. In August 2014 we reached to families that had to relocate from Eastern Ukraine. We found all details regarding individual needs for preparing their children to school and winter season.

19 Canadian families sponsored 600 pounds of humanitarian help, individually prepared for each of 35 children from 26 families. All goods were delivered directly to recipients by our Ukrainian volunteers during the second week of September 2014.

Thanks to our donors

Dear donors! Thanks to your kind hearts, we were able to make children smile!

Special thanks goes to: Natasha Kolomoyets, Alla Polishchuk, Taisiya Popova, Betty Osarchuk, Halyna Kalynovych, Irina Shyroka, Oleh Petriv, Rita Ross, Tania Kostiuk, Luba Lys, Svitlana Besaga, Serhiy Skokovets, Natasha Jatskevich, Juliya Yushchenko, Svitlana Kominko and Aleksandra Dubicheva. Thank you all who did shopping, packing, and delivery.