Project Liza

Our goal is to provide stable financial subsidy to some of the most struggling, at-risk families with children in Ukraine.

Project Liza

The Russian brutal and unjust war continues to rage in Ukraine, reaping through more cities and towns. Over 13 million Ukrainians have been displaced and many of them are still unable to find stable homes, income or safety. UNICEF noted that this type of humanitarian disaster is equal in scale to World War II.

Russia’s escalation of explosive weapon attacks in populated urban areas continue to inflict civilian casualties, including children, and considerable damage to essential infrastructure and services.

Many children lost their parents, homes, financial stability, access to education and many are suffering from PTSD and trauma. This will have lasting consequences on generations to come and concerns for their safety and wellbeing are rising.

The continuous attacks and upcoming winter will be harsh on the hardest hit families.

How can we help families with children in Ukraine?

In September, 2022 Maple Hope launched a new initiative – Project LIZA – designed to deliver direct financial assistance to the hardest hit families with children in Ukraine. The funds will be used for emergency needs like food, evacuation, transportation, heating, clothing, school supplies and other necessities.

The name of this project is dedicated to Liza Dmitrieva, a 4-year-old girl with Down syndrome, who was killed by the Russian missile attack in Vinnytsia on July 14, 2022.

Liza’s nick name was the Sunny Flower, and to keep her memory and light shining, we have decided to dedicate this project to her. Every donation and every child you are helping will keep Liza’s name alive.

Our goal is to provide stable financial subsidy to some of the most struggling, at-risk families with children. We are launching our project with 5 families in the Vinnytsya and Ternopil region, and plan to  add more and make a positive difference for a thousand children as we expand to other regions of Ukraine.

How can you help?

  1. We invite you to make a one-time or monthly donation to support any one of these families, or a general donation to Project LIZA, which we will direct to a family with the greatest need.
  2. Consider setting up monthly donations to support a specific family.
  3. You will receive ongoing updates on the project, and from individual families you are supporting.
  4. 100% of your donation will go directly to the families and their wellbeing will be closely monitored by our on-the-ground volunteers.

Click on the cards to read about some of the families we are going to support.

We believe:

  1. We believe that supporting children requires quality and consistency.
  2. We believe in building impactful and long-lasting relationships with our donors and people we support.
  3. We believe in our ability, as a Canadians, to save and transform Ukrainian lives.

We know how to do it:

In 2014, we successfully completed the “Maidan Youth” project which brought 14 children of the “Heavenly Hundred Heroes” to Canada for a two-month educational rehabilitation program. Some of these children are activists themselves, or have witnessed their parents suffer from debilitating injuries and some sacrificed their lives in defense of the Ukrainian democracy, human rights and freedoms.

Two orphans, Dima Salak and Rostyslav Haleliuk, participated in the Maidan Youth project and as a result received a full scholarship to study business in Vancouver. Both of them successfully completed their studies, moved to Canada and built successful careers. Dima and Rostyslav continue to donate and support our projects.

We are still in touch with all 14 of the Maidan Youth children and are so proud of their strength and success.

We believe that whoever saves a single life, saves the world entirely.