Updates February 10, 2024

A Year of Action: 2022 Annual Report

We are excited to present our Annual Report, showcasing what we achieved in helping Ukraine in 2022.

A Year of Action: 2022 Annual Report

This report reflects our team’s hard work and dedication, the generosity of our donors and supporters, and the positive difference we have made in the lives of those in need in the midst of war.

Annual Report

In 2022, Ukraine faced significant challenges due to Russia’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine. During this difficult period, we were providing essential support to the people of Ukraine. 

Last year, our not-for-profit organization raised $420 000 towards support for Ukrainians in need. Moreover, we received $1 200 000 in-kind contributions and $117 000 from our fundraising activities. All proceeds went to delivering medical assistance, supporting children and women, and providing non-lethal and tactical medical supplies to front-line defenders and first responders.