OUR MISSION: to provide Ukrainians relief from the impacts of war.

We believe that humanitarian relief must be built on empathy, compassion, and human connection. We work to support Ukrainians on the ground in their response and resistance to Russia’s unprovoked invasion through the design and delivery of nimble, needs-based projects. Responding to the needs of Ukrainians today, not yesterday, we are contributing to Ukrainian victory and a prosperous future.


Maple Hope Foundation was born out of the grassroots Ukrainian volunteer movement that took place globally in 2014 in support of the Euromaidan in Kyiv. Our founding team met when we took to the streets of Vancouver to participate in solidarity marches eight years ago. Blue and yellow placards in hand, we rallied our communities to support Ukraine.

After russia’s annexation of Crimea and the invasion of Donbas in 2014, we launched several projects in support of Ukrainian youth and veterans: 

  • The “Maidan’s Youth” program was a month-long developmental leadership program for 14 youth whose parents were either injured or killed on the streets of Maidan. 
  • “Maple Hope for Ukraine” was our first project that set up a monthly financial and psychological support program for severely wounded soldiers and their children. 
  • “I’ve Returned" began with a psychological rehabilitation program in Vancouver for two Ukrainian veterans followed by the delivery of expert trainings on topics of trauma and PTSD for Ukrainian psychologists working with war trauma for the first time.

Since russia’s unprovoked and renewed invasion in 2022, we immediately expanded our work and operations to address the most pressing requests for help that we began to receive early on from our partners in Ukraine. Today this includes three main lines of help: 

  • medical supplies and equipment, 
  • non-lethal equipment for Ukraine’s defenders, 
  • social and humanitarian assistance for vulnerable families, children, and seniors.

How we work

Maple Hope Foundation partners with organizations and volunteer groups in Canada and Europe to procure and deliver aid directly to on-the-ground volunteers in Ukraine. Leveraging the network that we have built over the last eight years, our goal is to respond quickly and efficiently to areas where there is the most pressing need. We deliver aid on a project basis. As a volunteer-run organization, we are able to direct the majority of our funds to our projects, cutting significant overhead costs. All start-up costs have been consistently covered by our founders and volunteer board of directors. 

Financial accountability

Maple Hope Foundation is a registered Canadian not-for-profit organization, operating in compliance with Canadian law. We do not provide tax receipts.

Our team

Iaroslav Pokhilko
Iaroslav Pokhilko

Co-founder and President

Customer Success Manager, Saab Technologies Ltd

Svitlana Kominko
Svitlana Kominko

Co-founder and CEO

International Educator, Faculty at BCIT Business and Media, PhD in Developmental Psychology, MA in Public Relations

Kristina Lebed
Kristina Lebed

Member of the Board, Director of Fundraising

Executive Director, BC Cancer Foundation

Dr. Iryna Chorny
Dr. Iryna Chorny

Medical Lead

MD, CCFP, Hospitalist LGH, Lions Gate Hospital

Julia Yuschenko
Julia Yuschenko

Co-founder, Member of the Board, Vice President, Finance

Chartered Professional Accountant

Iryna Borzilova
Iryna Borzilova

Member of the Board, Development Lead

Business Development Director, AcelaBio

Yuliya Shokalyuk
Yuliya Shokalyuk

Co-founder, Member of the Board, Director, Community Engagement

Senior Financial Services Advisor, CIBC

Tetyana Kostyuk
Tetyana Kostyuk

Co-founder, Member of the Board, Vice President, Operations

Manager, Financial Systems, Sierra Wireless

Olivia Chorny
Olivia Chorny

Member of the Board, Ambassador and Spokesperson

Registered Nurse, Vancouver General Hospital

Our partners

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Beta Wellness Centre
Early Music Vancouver
Ice Hawks
Inlet Dance Theatre
Inlet Rowing Club
Lynn Valley Church
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